Since 1992 Chaucer Cabinets have been producing quality cabinets to the commercial & domestic sectors throughout Melbourne, Victoria.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the kitchen design process usually take to complete?

That depends on the size of your kitchen and the specific details involved in your kitchen design. Normally, we will meet with you for the first time and gather all information required; dimensions, budget, product likes & dislikes as well as your wants and needs. From this point, we will put together a design and a rough estimate for you. This will hopefully and generally all take place within a couple of weeks.

Why do I need a designer for my kitchen project?

It is very simple to select styles and colours for your kitchen - but figuring out exactly how to lay out your new kitchen for the ultimate function and ease of use can be difficult. With a fresh eye and experience, a kitchen designer will come up with options that you would never have thought of - options that will be functional and attractive, in a style that will suit your home.

Will your kitchen designs meet my budget?

No matter what budget, Chaucer Cabinets guarantees to you that we can provide a stylish, functional and suitable customised kitchen for you. Upon consultation, one of our specialists will sit down with you and sort through your options and alternatives to create the best possible kitchen design for your home.

Do you design commercial kitchens for my business/office?

Yes! Come in to our store, or give us a call, and see what we can offer you in kitchen design for your home or office.

What materials do you work with?

We work with numerous materials including stone, granite, hard and softwood timbers, laminate, stainless steel, glass, marble, ceramics, fabrics, tiling and much more to design your dream kitchen. Have a look on our products page to discover more about our material options for your kitchen.

Do your designers tend to classify my kitchen as a certain style and go from there?

No. At Chaucer Cabinets, we are keen to create an individual and attractive kitchen that will fulfil your desires for your new kitchen. If that means combining classic and contemporary, or something more our there, we can do it for you.

How do I discover how much my kitchen design choices will cost?

When you come in for your consultation, and we discuss your options with you. We believe that you will be very happy with our reasonable and competitive prices.

Will one of your designers come out and see my home, if I cannot supply the right information?

Of course. One of our designers can come out and see your existing kitchen, to assist you with product choice, style and functionality. Please give us a call and we will arrange it for you.

What should I bring to the consultation for my kitchen design?

It is great to bring as much information as you like. Dimensions, ideas and samples of kitchens or styles you like can cut down our sorting time and make the process much easier. Plus tiles and paint colour.

I have specific questions about your products, what should I do?

Give us a call or come in to our store in Kilsyth, and we will have a professional and friendly team member have a chat to you and answer all of your questions. Every product has different kitchen elements, and we will make sure we give you the right information.

Do you carry out the installation/production of my kitchen?

Chaucer Cabinets carries out the installation of your kitchen.

How long is the guarantee on my kitchen?

We provide a two year industry standard guarantee on all workmanship and life-time guarantee on hardware gives you enormous peace of mind.

How much will a new kitchen cost me?

Without a doubt the single most asked question by nearly all clients is, "how much"? However as you can imagine, budgets vary widely depending on size, style, materials, accessories, appliances and type of project being undertaken. A small kitchen with expensive finishes may cost more than a larger kitchen with more economical choices. We consider ourselves to be a mid-ranged price company who focus greatly on service and quality and will be happy to guide you through the pricing options.

What do I do with my old kitchen?

We can organise and take care of the disposal of your old kitchen.

What if I think my kitchen only needs a facelift?

We find that many people initially feel that a face lift would be quite acceptable instead of a whole new kitchen. Consider however, that a kitchen is basically only made up of 3 components - bench tops, doors and carcasses. Virtually all face lifts will involve changing the bench tops and doors and yet the cheapest component, the carcasses, will be left behind. This means that the ability to add drawers, improve the pantry and change the overall design even subtly will be hampered due to the restrictions of keeping the existing carcasses. Face lifts generally incur high labour costs and unfortunately what you may save in one area, will be added to in others. For these reasons, we do not do facelifts, but please consider that a whole new kitchen will probably be a better option and in comparison to a face lift, more economical than you may think.

What trade work is required to install a new kitchen?

This can vary and depends on the amount of actions to be done, however generally the following actions are required if you are having the old kitchen completely removed.

What is the difference between Custom Made DIY Kit style or Prefabricated cabinetry?

The difference between these is often very noticeable, particularly if you are a discerning person who values the importance of symmetry. In other words you like things to have a balanced look such as cabinets and doors lining up without excessive filler pieces inserted to achieve alignment. You probably won’t be happy with a kit type kitchen which hasn't been made to specific size requirements, to suit your exact home.

Also custom made usually provides more choices in the finishes and colours that you can have, or your selection of fittings and styles of cabinetry heights width and depths.

However, if you are not concerned about these aspects perhaps a kit kitchen will provide you with a less expensive alternative, although you should keep in mind that generally what ever you pay in the end, will be for a project which will be in place for at the least 10 to 15 years before it will be changed, so in essence a new kitchen fit out is a long term investment.

Why is there such a price difference between companies?

The difference in the price is mainly because the kit or flat packed type of construction is less expensive to produce, due to mass production of components or cabinets which are the same size, these can also be imported from less expensive Countries where the labour component is minimal and the materials are often not as expensive.

The quality of the finished product is more often than not, effected by this type of production method, as the goal is to manufacture components as cheaply as possible by utilising the cheapest available material, and labour sources.

This type of manufacturing method will not always guarantee the construction of a kitchen which will last as long as a custom made product will.

What are the "Hidden Costs"?

Some Kitchen Companies do not fully inform their customers about the full extent of the trade work required, and can give the impression that their kitchens will cost far less than others.

Chaucer Cabinets has a Fixed Price Contract which clearly out lines all the cost involved and any possible extra costs that may not be known at the time of quotation.

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